Daniel Engelhardt

"Took a chance with AceOK 5 auto repair and it was a mistake. $1200 worth of work and my car works worse than when I brought it in. And it still has the same problem."
AceOK 5
On 9/24/18, Mr. Engelhardt ordered for his 2008 Subaru Tribeca H6 3.6 DOHC:
1. CHECK TRANSMISSION >>> Found one gear not working properly. Inexpensive way to service - Complete Flush with Trans Tech Service $195.00
2. CHECK SPARK PLUGS >>> Recommended OEM spark plugs $375.00
3. CHECK BURNING SMELL >>> Found both front CV joint boots cracked. Recommended New Axle Assembly Both Sides $450.00
4. CHECK BURNING SMELL >>> Found oil leaking from oil filter housing oil seal $75.00
5. CHECK TIRE PRESSURE ALWAYS LOW >>> Found worn tires with a nail and a screw in each tire. Remove and re-seal $96.00
6. CHECK RADIATOR WATER LEVEL >>> Found it pretty low. Recommended 1st Step - Chemical Sealing Service with New Coolant $175.00
Total Troubleshooting $48.00
Total Service/Repair Estimate: $1,414.00
Tammy from St. Vincent Eugene Office called our shop and ok's all above services with $1,200.00. We accepted including all parts and labor.
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